Solea y tangos y baston, oh my!

Coming back to flamenco classes after several weeks off during the Holidays is always a Godsend! I enjoy taking a break just as much as the next flamenca, but by the time a few weeks have passed, I go into withdrawals! When classes resumed a couple of weeks ago, I was ready!!

With exuberance,  I walk into the Thursday night Intermediate Technique and Repertoire class, where we are learning a solea por bulerias routine. This palo is one of my favorites and I enjoy the slow, methodical movements of the solea and the aggressive, fierce bulerias. The zapateado is intricate and contains various rhythmic patterns. I love the push and pull feel of this palo.

I am an “apprentice” in the Associate Company Sunday class. Since coming back from break, we have spent time reviewing.  Today, we moved from the Carmen (Ledesma…which I will dedicate a separate post to) tangos, to the sevillanas with abanico, to the alegrías with mantón, ending with our new Fall choreo, the bastón. That’s a lot of stuff!! Whew! 

I felt like I was in the forest with lions and tigers and bears, oh my! My ruby red flamenco shoes were moving from one number to the next while trying to stay on the yellow brick road that is flamenco. It can be a bit overwhelming but I know the review is necessary…and is really very helpful. As daunting as all this can sometimes be, it makes me happy. And I will be back next week for more! 🙂

Until then, I click my heels, silently say, “I wanna go home” and head to mi casa to soak my feet and tend to my sore back.


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