Making new flamenco friends

I am happy to write about my experiences in flamenco, it is a wonderful chronicle of my journey and a great exercise for my love of writing. However, along the way, I am also making new flamenco friends from all over the world!


Dublin Andalusia

I’ve made a new global flamenco friend! Flamenco has reached Ireland with Dublin Andalusia, a dance school specializing in flamenco who is sharing the Spanish culture with the people of the Emerald Isle. Transport yourself to Southern Spain while you learn ways to stay in shape through dance and discover the delight of flamenco! Another great reason to visit Ireland!!


Ambiente Flamenco

Based out of the UK, Ambiente Flamenco has tons of very useful information and online resources for all things flamenco. As a student still finding my way in the flamenco world in many ways, this site has a lot of great links as well as lessons learned. In addition to being a dancer for 16 years, Amber is also a dressmaker and has a store with handmade dancewear on her site. Check it out!


Flamenco Closet Creations

Beginning with a childhood of dancing in Granada, Spain from the time she was a young girl, Alicia Harris has a long, rich background in flamenco. Now she is sharing that on her website, Flamenco Closet Creations. The site has everything a dancer needs; clothes, shoes, accessories, gifts, and even an outlet. Alicia has been making costumes for 15 years and I can say from first hand experience, the clothes are well made and lovely! My daughters and I have several dresses/skirts made by Flamenco Closet Creations. Alicia has become a good friend in addition to a valued flamenco resource.

Nov.2016- I am happy to say, my blog is now listed on

This is a great site filled with collective dance bloggers from all genres and cultures. Check it out!







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