I Danced in Sevilla Last Night!!

Yep! Last night, I danced in a bar in Sevilla, Spain! I was with a group of faceless friends, cerveza glasses were clinking, boisterous laughter filled the air and then there was the amazing and captivating call of the cante looming in the background.

Suddenly, an ethereal-like power took over my body. I stood up and inched my way towards the small open space near the musicians; the sacred space left vacant for impromptu flamenco. The space I steadfastly decided I would not enter. Not on my very first trip to Spain, anyway. No, I was there to look, listen, and learn. In this instant, however, all that reasoning evaporated and all I felt was the urge to dance to the soulful, upbeat echo of a bulería that was flailing through the bar, bouncing off the walls, and headed straight for me!

My feet kept moving and then there I was. My arms twisted, my body leaned and my head snapped….all the braceo and marcaje I had practiced and seen others do came together in a tornadic episode and released itself from my body. It was an exhilarating miracle!

Of course, tragedy soon struck. I woke up. Yes, I was dreaming about flamenco…again. And my bedsheets looked every part of an natural disaster.

Ok, so it was too good to be true. It seemed so real…I could see the place in vivid detail, even though I have never been there. I do not know if such a place exists, this phantom tapas bar I danced in last night, but I hear they are not in short supply in Sevilla.

It is no wonder flamenco is permeating my sleeping thoughts once again. I can’t believe it, even as I write it. In two months, “The Kentucky Delegation” will be front and center at la Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla 2016….OMG!!! Right about now, I am equal parts curdled-nervous stomach and break-my-face-from-smiling-too-much happy!

I know the adventures portrayed in my dreams will never happen that spectacularly in real life but I am optimistic that I will have dancing experiences I can get no where else but Spain! I know this will positively alter my flamenco journey.

I can hear it now, my kids already think I am obsessed and even leave the house to escape my palmas and castañuelas practicing…what kind of flamenco beast will be created once I have been to its birthplace?!?! 😉





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