My Precious

“2 days from departure.” That is the subject line of the email I just got from Delta. In two days, I will be in Sevilla, Spain! After years of wanting and waiting, and months of planning, I will finally be in the cradle of flamenco! There have been so many things to do in getting ready, one of which is to ponder what I will buy! Let’s face it, in addition to the passionate allure of flamenco, the amazing clothes and shoes have a pretty big draw of their own. All the ruffles, and colors and patterns, all the flounce and swirls, and the gorgeous shoes…it is a dancers dream.

My plan for right now, as I sit here on my couch, 4000 miles away from the stores in Sevilla that will undoubtedly call my name and entice me to open my purse strings, is to purchase a new pair of flamenco shoes. I only have two pairs (I know…only two???). One is a pair that are my scuffed up, wear-to-shows-that-are-not-on-real-flamenco-flooring, outdoor venue shoes. So, truly, that leaves me only ONE pair of GOOD performance shoes!

As much as I need to remedy this situation, I must admit the one good pair in my possession holds a very special place in my heart. They are ‘My Precious’!! I have called them that ever since the Begoña Cervera box arrived direct from Spain two years ago. It was my very first pair of custom made, professional zapatos de flamenco. The stunning red serpentine material still makes my eyes twinkle. I was in love. They fit like a glove and make such a beautiful sound.

They have been with me through my blossoming as a flamenca. They have danced with Carmen Ledesma. They have danced at my first public shows. They have been what I centered my flamenco wardrobe around. They have graced my feet as I had good days as well as bad days in class. And now, they travel with me to Spain for the classes I will take while there. It may sound strange to place so much emphasis on shoes, but proper shoes can make all the difference in the world to a dedicated flamenco dancer. My innocent little red shoes have seen me through my formative flamenco years and boy, have they seen a lot!

The next pair I buy will signify the next phase of my dancing and will be representative of my first trip to Spain. They will carry me forward on the next leg of my journey (pun intended- hehe). ‘My Precious’ Part Dos, I’m coming for ya! 🙂 Now, if I could only decide on a color…





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