A Taste of Spain- Savouring Sevilla

La comida de España—a treat to both the eye and palate. Of the many beautiful things I experienced in Sevilla, the food was no exception. From a simple breakfast to a hearty round of tapas or home-cooked meal with fresh market ingredients, the food of Spain is a delight to all the senses!


Starting out the day with a cheese filled croissant and cafe con leche


Afternoon tapas: fried squid, ensalada russa, croquettas, and braised pollo with mushrooms and white wine sauce


You cannot go to Spain without having paella!


Cured meat and cheese plate. Love me some jamon!


Triana Mercado- lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, so much color!


Triana Mercado- fresh fish stand


Triana Mercado- oh, all the meat!!!


gambas al ajillo- one of my favorites



churros y chocolate


family dinner cooked by one of my teachers using fresh chicken and spinach from one of the many markets in Sevilla


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