Dancing through my first year of blogging

Happy blogiversary! I have made it through one year of blogging about my flamenco journey and what an amazing first year it has been! I had no idea when I got this harebrained idea a year ago that it would turn out to be such great fun!

During its inaugural year, Fleur de Flamenco has reached 46 different countries across the globe with visitors/views in the thousands. In addition, its Twitter and Facebook pages have a combined following of almost 400! That’s crazy to me!

Statistics aside – starting this blog is one of the best things I have ever done. I am thoroughly enjoying writing about and sharing my flamenco adventures, combining two of my passions in life.

I have written about what I am learning, people who have influenced and inspired me, my dreams (literally and metaphorically), making new friends, dancing as a family, being older and more physically mature, my struggles and high points of this demanding art form, and more recently, my amazing excursion to Sevilla.

One of the most satisfying, and unexpected, elements of this blog has been the feedback I received from complete strangers. It was an indescribable feeling to read the comments or emails from others on their flamenco path who tell me that something I said resonated with them. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to let me know that by sharing my own journey, I have given you hope and encouragement, or even just a good laugh.

And thank you to all my friends and family closer to home that read my posts and continue to offer support. A special thank you to my teachers and mentors at Flamenco Louisville, my home studio, for always being there for me. It means the world to me.

Something that started out as a simple creative outlet for me has blossomed into a beautiful realization of the universal love of flamenco. May 2017 find us all a little further along on our paths and may we all continue to share a common appreciation and respect for the wonderful art of flamenco.

To summarize the year, I include links below of my top five posts from 2016. I hope you enjoy reading them again or for the first time.






 I am super excited to see what 2017 brings! Ole and keep dancing! 



6 thoughts on “Dancing through my first year of blogging

  1. I have been blogging for four months now. It is addictive, but I am not ready to give up my day job – Actually I love my day job more.

    Anyway I am so happy for you that you got through one whole year. I hope I’d be dancing too.

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