20 life lessons flamenco dancing has taught me

pl-87flamencolr_jpgNo one is more surprised than me to think of all the things flamenco dancing has taught me; life lessons…qualities and characteristics that transcend the art form and become a way of life. As I sat one morning with a cup of java, I started making a list. Here are 20 life lessons that flamenco dancing has taught (or re-instilled) in me. Accepting and acknowledging these facets of my growth has made following my passion so much more rewarding!

  1. AGE is irrelevant –  flamenco dancing is for all ages.
  2. BODY style is unimportant – flamenco dancing is for all bodies.
  3. Take RISKS – try something new, branch out, explore options, you  may surprise yourself.
  4. Get out of your HEAD – don’t let that destructive inner voice get the better of you. Easier said than done, I know.
  5. Set the bar HIGH for yourself – only YOU can outdo YOU.
  6. Have PATIENCE – flamenco is a multi-layered and long learning process, so don’t be too hard on yourself.
  7. PRACTICE – if you want to get better and progress, practice!! Simple as that. You get what you put in.
  8. Just TRY – You don’t know unless you try, right? In my book, the only failure is when you don’t try.
  9. Be PREPARED – always show up ready to deliver your A game. You owe that to yourself and others.
  10. Work WELL with others –  be considerate of one another’s investment, hard work and desire to be a part of this amazing art form.
  11. Be SUPPORTIVE – it’s crucial to be there for each other, offer encouragement and help when needed.
  12. Remember, you have a STORY to tell – your dancing is yours alone, your story, your expression, your feelings…never forget that. It will be unique and individual.
  13. Take CARE of yourself – you have to take care of your mind and body in order to go the distance and dance for many years to come.
  14. Get IN TOUCH with your body, its rhythm, its core – know your self, your movements, what works, what doesn’t, and what feels good. Then do it in compás! 🙂
  15. Have CONFIDENCE – dance for yourself and no one else and do so with conviction. I have struggled with this one the most but cannot stress enough the importance of believing in yourself.
  16. Share KNOWLEDGE – there is always someone ahead of and behind you on the path so share what you know.
  17. Be willing to get in touch with your EMOTIONS – let it go, let it all out! THAT is the heart of flamenco! Feel the dance inside you.
  18. LISTEN, OBSERVE, ABSORB – you will never stop learning, you will always be a student. Period. Take it all in.
  19. MISTAKES are ok – they are opportunities to learn and grow. No one is perfect. The most seasoned dancers make mistakes.
  20. Have FUN and enjoy the ride with your fellow flamencos!



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