The magic of custom-made flamenco clothes


I was so excited to go shopping in Spain! I would finally be amongst my fellow kindred spirts- the curvy and mature flamenca! The mentors I had seen in videos and met in person, yes…many were built like me and they had gorgeous costumes. My empty suitcase was waiting to be filled! Imagine my disappointment when I found very little off-the-rack plus sizes.  The good news is there are dress-makers abound!

If you are lucky enough to find a very talented flamenco fashion creator, like I have found in Alicia Harris, with Flamenco Closet Creations (, than you will have no worries. Alicia has been making pieces and parts of my flamenco ensembles for a few years now. Her work is fantastic!

My latest piece, however, was an exciting partnership and took me to another level of individuality in flamenco; designing a dress myself!

I knew the style I wanted, the colors and what I wanted it to look like when I was dancing. Alicia said, draw me a picture and I will make it! And just like that, it happened! She brought my ideas to beautiful life!

When Alicia sent me the first few pictures from her studio mannequin, I was in awe how she was able to create an exact replica of my drawing, just so much more gorgeous! The colors were vibrant, the fabric was flowy, it was just perfect. She even surprised me with adding a shawl in the same pattern as the godets and ruffles. Wow!

The feeling of contributing to the creation of something so beautiful and original left me speechless. The feeling of pride and satisfaction made dancing in it so special.

Many flamenco shops offer custom-made flamenco apparel, so get creative and be unique! Those of us who cannot sew thank you for your magic!




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