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“There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening, that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique.”- Martha Graham

On a crisp fall day, I walked into a small but cozy dance studio in Louisville, Kentucky. My head said, “I am 45 years old! What the blank, blank am I doing here?” but my heart said, “Oh, just go! Nothing ventured, nothing gained!”

That was almost a decade ago and I have been studying flamenco ever since. It started as a simple means to “do something for myself” after seeing Flamenco Louisville perform at a restaurant one evening. The dancers were intense and beautiful! The accompanying guitar playing and singing were so entrancing! So much feeling displayed in such a moving and captivating way! It was artful emotion!

I grew up with a background in hula dancing, telling stories with a graceful fluidity. But this…THIS looked so fierce, this thing called flamenco…and I wanted to try!

My family says I am obssessed. I do palmas at the dinner table, practice braceo by the copy machine at work, and have frenzied dreams about being capable of the most amazingly aire-filled moments! I draw pictures, design my own flamenco dresses, and write poetry and I blog about it. In February 2021, I started collaborating with a Sevilla-based website called Flamencos Online to write for their international audience. Check them out at https://www.flamencosonline.com/

I love spreading the joy and passion for all things flamenco! Hmmm….ok, maybe they have a point.

But, I also cry in frustration when I don’t “get” something fast enough and ache with every muscle in my body to the severity of affectionately being diagnosed by my massage therapist with…drum roll, please…”Flamenco Ass.” I sometimes wonder if this is for me and doubt myself. But those moments are becoming farer and fewer. I have never considered quitting. Class day comes, I grab my zapatos and go- without hesitation. My fellow flamencas and supportive family are always there for me, pushing me along.

There have been so many memorable adventures on this path and so many more to come. I hope you will enjoy reading about my flamenco passion and all the stories that come with it!

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Very proud of uyou for taking on this great endeavor! Once your in it, your in forever! I am married to flamenco and Spanish dance. I will die with my shoes on.

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